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Harnesses & Cable Assembly Contract Manufacturing

What’s the benefit to outsourcing your harness?

Customers gets a high quality, production-ready product at a lower cost.

We strive for Quality


All products are tested on proprietary equipment to ensure correct routing of all connectors, wires and splices, and to be certain that electricity flows within the circuit


Weights are added at various stress points to test sufficient flex and hold. Ensuring long lasting connections.

RoHs Test

A laboratory controlled test aims to accelerated aging using aggravated conditions of heat, humidity, oxygen etc. to speed up the normal aging processes of items. It can determine long-term effects of expected levels of stress.


All harnesses pass multiple inspection points by highly trained QA Inspectors, ensuring quality.

Materials are tested individually in order to meet the RoHS directive. 

Tensile tests on wire represent a challenge for specimen grip design.
Wires can be very thin and at the same time very strong; as they cannot be machined for testing, cut-off lengths are used and require suitable gripping arrangements .

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